Highlighting 101: A Practical Guide to Highlighting Your Face

Highlighting 101: A Practical Guide to Highlighting Your Face

Want to look younger and fresh-faced in a few minutes flat? Don’t we all. Sorry, I don’t have a secret clue to the fountain of youth product, but there is something that you can do in your makeup routine that’ll brighten up your face in only seconds. I’m talking about highlighting!

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Baby Essentials: The Only Items Baby Really Needs

Congratulations, you’ve got a baby on the way! While there’s nothing possibly more exciting, trying to figure out what baby actually needs can cause anxiety. With so many gadgets and new baby gear out there now, how do you know which items you will actually use?

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My Top 10 Favorite Beauty Products of 2016


Another year has come and gone…can you believe it? I have meant to blog about my favorite makeup products on a monthly basis because I try so many and I like to write about my faves. But once again, time slipped away, and I didn’t get to write about everything I wanted to! So instead, I decided to write about my top favorite makeup products from 2016. These are all items that I purchased, loved, and couldn’t get enough of, so I have re-purchased. (If I re-purchase, then that means I love it). So here it is! My top beauty products of 2016, my “holy grails” from the past year (both high end and drugstore)! If you are building your very first makeup kit or just looking for some new faves, then start here!

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Resolution of a Mom: Cheers to 2017!


Dear 2017,
I’ve never really set a resolution before. I just like to set small, achievable, measurable goals. It sounds more attainable to me, so I’ve never felt the need to make a resolution. However, I need to ask something of you, 2017: If you could just slow down for a minute and not go by as fast as 2016, that’d be great.

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How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day



I don’t know about you, but I LOVE me some lipstick. Some people prefer gloss. Some skip their lips all together. I must admit, I love gloss also, but I love the look and feel of a pretty color on my lips. Maybe it’s because my natural lip color is non-existent? I dunno. The only thing I hate about it? Reapplying (or checking to see if I need to reapply). Whether I’m at work or out at a party, I don’t want to worry if my lipstick has faded or disappeared quickly. I’m sure you feel the same. So you want to know how to make your lipstick last all day?

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Makeup Color Correction



Want to know the step that’s missing from your makeup routine? You’ve got it – it’s color correction. Is it a must? Well, no, but it can be pretty important if you’ve got a lot to cover up! The art of color correction has been around for a long time, but a lot of people simply don’t know how to use the colors that they need. I mean, it is pretty scary looking at these crazy colors and wondering how on earth they are supposed to neutralize your face, right? Well, hopefully I can enlighten you a little bit.

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The Do-It-All Product Missing From Your Beauty Routine



I’m a sucker for all-natural products, and many of them are multi-purpose. I love this. If I can use the product for many different reasons, then it certainly justifies the purchase (for me). So when I find something that I love that’s good for me and easy on my wallet, well, that info is just begging to be shared.

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5 Tips for Breast Pumping at Work


I happen to be a full-time working mom. I breastfeed my son (who is currently 8 months old) and he gets bottles of breast milk while I’m away. This means I have to get my pump on at work. I also pumped at work with my daughter who is now 5 years old, so this isn’t my first rodeo. The following is what works for me, but if I can help another momma out with some tips, then I’ll be happy! So here are some tips coming from a working, pumping mom who has done this more than once!

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A Letter to My Daughter, On Her 5th Birthday


Well, it’s official. I’m now the mother of a 5-year-old! This past week was our daughter Sydney’s birthday. We had an amazing day, just the four of us, our happy little family playing at a new park that we’d been wanting to go to, eating cake and playing with new presents. It was wonderful, peaceful, quiet and perfect. It’s also been an emotional one for me. I don’t know why. She gets older every year. But 5 seems like such a milestone, doesn’t it?

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Best Product to Conceal Dark UnderEye Circles


Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m scheming up some good things to write about! I just had to get a quick post in about a new product that I’m in LOVE with for the undereye area.

Y’all know that I love my drugstore products. But, I also love lots of other higher end brands, so sometimes a momma’s gotta splurge. Typically, I like to find makeup dupes of the high end products at the drug store, but sometimes, you just have to whip out the big guns. When it comes to my undereye area, well, let’s just say we needed an army to get this job done.

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