Dramatic Eye and nude lip look - this look transitions perfectly from day to night! Light contouring, defined brows, false lashes and a nude pink lip keep it flirty. A partial smoky eye adds drama but the lighter shades keep it daytime appropriate.

Dramatic Eye and Nude Lip Look

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Flirty Day-to-Night Look with a Dramatic Eye


The look: A partial smoky dramatic eye with falsies and a nude lip with light pink tones.

Perfect for: Transitioning from day to evening, a flirty day look, date night.

High end or drugstore products used? A mixture of both, but mostly drugstore products.

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Personalized Gifts for Kids featuring I See Me! Books

Life as a mom is no joke. We are always on the go. (Can I get an amen, mommas?) It seems like we’re always heading to a birthday party, a baby shower or a holiday celebration! These events are always fun of course, but there’s one part about them that gets me stressed – buying the gift.

The thing is, I LOVE shopping. The problem is, I don’t have time. Most of my gifts gets purchased online because it’s just more convenient. I’m a full-time working mom and I don’t always have time to head over to the store. But even online…how do I find the perfect gift? I like to buy things that are memorable and that stand out. And now I’ve finally found the perfect option with personalized gifts! Continue reading “Personalized Gifts for Kids featuring I See Me! Books”

Pinterest 101: The Complete Guide for Bloggers and Business Owners. Trying to figure out how to use Pinterest to your advantage? Learn how to grow your blog traffic, get more visibility to your store and products and make more sales! This guide is beginner friendly and will have you all set up on Pinterest in no time. Pinterest for beginners, Pinterest for bloggers, Pinterest for business, Pinterest for blog growth

Pinterest 101: The Complete Guide for Bloggers

Hello fellow blogger/business owner! If you are reading this, then you’ve probably heard all the buzz that having a Pinterest account is vital for growth. Well I’m here to tell you – it’s the truth! Ready for a crash course in Pinterest 101?

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Why Pinterest? Aren’t there enough other social media  platforms that I should be worrying about first?” Well, if you want my honest opinion, then Pinterest should rank as a top priority for you. Why? Because if you aren’t using it, then you’re missing out on not only TONS of possible blog and/or business traffic, but also sales if you’re selling a product.

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Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review - This eyeshadow palette is one of the best. It's super pigmented and glides on like a dream. It includes both matte and shimmer shadows. Click to see all the different looks that can be worn with the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette!

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review

I am so obsessed with eye shadows. Actually, I’m pretty sure they are my favorite pieces of makeup to purchase. I think it’s because I always put the focus on the eyes, so color matters!

And when I find a good palette, it just makes me totally giddy! The Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette has been my go-to since I snagged it last month. I seriously cannot put it down. So what’s so great about it?

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5 Reasons Why Your Beauty Routine is Causing Breakouts

5 Reasons Why Your Beauty Routine is Causing Breakouts

Breakouts. Aren’t they fun? They spring up at the WORST possible times, don’t they? While there are SO many causes of acne out there including hormones, stress, your diet, etc., some of the reasons can be shocking. You might be the very cause of your own breakout in 2 ways: 1.) The way you apply your makeup. 2.)Your skincare routine.

Say what?! “How can my skincare or makeup routine be causing me to break out?” I’m about to tell you.

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15 Items Babies Don't Need

15 Items Babies Don’t Need

Hey hey, baby mommas! ha! If you’ve been following along, then you’ll know that today’s post is the third installment to my “what baby needs” series! I hope that today’s post will be especially helpful – because in a market that’s over-saturated with items that you surely will need for baby (…or not…ahem…), then this post is just all about the things babies don’t need!

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What I learned after turning 30

What I Learned After Turning 30

Welp…guess what? I’m part of the mid-thirties club. Today is my 35th birthday!  Time seriously flies. I remember my 18th birthday like it was yesterday. Not that I want to go back to it, I just remember it. And trust me, I do NOT want to go back to it. Because you want to know the best part of being in my thirties is? ALL OF IT.

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15 Baby Items That'll Make Your Life Easier

15 Baby Items That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Hey there, friends! Recently I published a post called Baby Essentials: The Only Items Baby Really Needs. This post is part two of three, so stay tuned for yet another! Since I posted about the essentials before, I wanted to tell you about some ideas that baby might not HAVE to have, but they are very nice to have. Some people might actually consider these essentials, actually. I’ve made a list and broken it down for you to explain why you don’t need them, but why you’ll want them! Also, they make great shower gifts! You ready?

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Highlighting 101: A Practical Guide to Highlighting Your Face. This article explains the difference in highlighting products and explains exactly where and how to highlight your face. Perfect for highlighting beginners.

Highlighting 101: A Practical Guide to Highlighting Your Face

Want to look younger and fresh-faced in a few minutes flat? Don’t we all. Sorry, I don’t have a secret clue to the fountain of youth product, but there is something that you can do in your makeup routine that’ll brighten up your face in only seconds. I’m talking about highlighting!

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Baby Essentials: The Only Items Baby Really Needs

Congratulations, you’ve got a baby on the way! While there’s nothing possibly more exciting, trying to figure out what baby actually needs can cause anxiety. With so many gadgets and new baby gear out there now, how do you know which items you will actually use?

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