Mary Kay Makeup: is it worth the hype? Check out this honest review from someone who does not sell it!

Mary Kay Makeup

An Honest Review From Someone Who Doesn’t Sell It

Hey friends! I have a fun look to share with you today, and you’ll never guess where the makeup is from: MARY KAY. Yep, I said it. So before you go thinking that Mary Kay is only loved by an older generation–think again. I’ve tried out and tested several color face products all reviewed below.

Mary Kay Makeup: is it worth the hype? Check out this honest review from someone who does not sell it!

My lovely friend Monica sells Mary Kay, so in full disclosure, I was gifted the products below; however, this is a 100% honest review of each product and details of the full look! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Just to be clear, I do NOT sell Mary Kay products, or any other products; I simply wanted to test out the brand and see what it was like! Check out Monica’s Mary Kay page right here!

I used Mary Kay makeup years ago and really liked it. It always seemed to blend well and there were a variety of colors. It’s been YEARS though since I have used anything from the brand, so I knew it was time. I tried out eye shadows, blush, contour, highlighter, mascara, lip liner, and lipstick. Full details on this look below:

Mary Kay Makeup: is it worth the hype? Check out this honest review from someone who does not sell it!
Mary Kay Plum Passion Makeup Look

Lash Intensity Mascara in Black, $18 : Typically I am not a fan of mascara until I try it out a few times. New mascaras are just hard to “break in”, in my opinion. However, this one was not the case! It did take me a couple of coats, but WOW — the volume and detail I get from this formula is fantastic! I would have to say that it rivals the higher end formulas from Too Faced and Tarte – but it has a better price tag! I love the brush because it has so many bristles that it really grabs every tiny hair, especially for the lower lash line. I’d definitely purchase this again.

Mary Kay High Intensity Mascara is perfect for adding volume and length and details every tiny hair.
Mary Kay High Intensity Mascara

Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick in Crushed Berry, $18: I’m a big fan of lipsticks in general. This berry color is perfect for fall and winter. It has a semi-matte finish which I appreciate because I feel like everything out there right now is a full matte finish, but those feel too drying to me. This one did make me feel a tad bit dry (although it may just be because my lips are extra dry right now), but it’s much better than other matte formulas for me. I also love that I can wear this shade dark, or blot it a bit for a more natural look. It has some staying power for sure!

Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick in Crushed Berry and Lip Liner in Berry

Lip Liner in Berry, $12: I must admit that I do not usually wear lip liner on the regular. But when I do, I love a creamy formula that doesn’t bleed. This did it for me! What a great lip liner. It glides right on and does not feel drying. My lipstick never bled either.

Mary Kay Makeup: is it worth the hype? Check out this honest review from someone who does not sell it!
Mary Kay Plum Passion – Glam Look

Chromafusion Eye Shadows in Soft Heather, Sweet Plum, Merlot, and Crystalline, $8 each: Playing in eye shadows are my absolute favorite. These four make for a fantastic quad. To be honest, the eye shadows are probably my favorite items. They are highly pigmented. They aren’t creamy (they are a powder formula) but they are not chalky at all. I think that the Soft Heather is the most versatile. I wore it with just the Crystalline in the more natural look, but I blended it up to the brow in the dramatic look – it’s great and I think it’d look great on anyone!

Crystalline is the shimmery white-ish shade and makes for a perfect highlight just below the brow bone and on the inner corners. Merlot is the deepest shade and was perfect for the crease as it is a matte finish and the perfect contrast. Sweet Plum has a hint of shimmer and was the perfect accent color. These colors are perfect for fall, but I could see myself using Crystalline and Soft Heather on the daily! The quality is spot on, too – love the formula.

Mary Kay Makeup: is it worth the hype? Check out this honest review from someone who does not sell it!

Chromafusion Blush in Wineberry, $14: Much like the eye shadow formula, the blush is also beautifully pigmented and has staying power. It reminds me of Tarte Amazonian Clay blush, but it’s much cheaper! That’s a major win. This color is stunning – maybe a tad to dark for me, but using a light hand goes a long way, and I can add more when needed. It blends effortlessly and looks great after long wear. Definitely a win.

Mary Kay Makeup: is it worth the hype? Check out this honest review from someone who does not sell it!
This second look is a bit more natural using the same mascara, Soft Heather and Crystalline eye shadows, Crushed Berry Lipstick, Wineberry Blush, and Honey Glow Highlighter.

Chromafusion Highlighter in Honey Glow, $14: Powder highlighters in general are my favorite over liquids. This one is a powder. I’m typically used to more luminosity, but I think this color is just darker than I usually go with. It’s a gorgeous shade with a hint of gold and is super easy to blend. It’s perfect for a hint of sun-kissed glow! I’m dying to try the other shades of highlighter now because the formula is fab!

Chromafusion Contour in Cocoa, $14: To be honest, this color was way too dark for me (didn’t realize it when I ordered it), but the formula is easily blendable and can be layered. I used the lightest hand and it worked great considering the color is too dark for me. That’s a pretty big deal to have that much control! Great stuff. I don’t contour my face too often, but I’d love to try a lighter shade soon. One thing I LOVE about this shade is that it has no shimmer. Some of the most popular (and expensive) contour colors on the market have a hint of shimmer. I prefer a matte formula, and this one is spot on.

Overall, I think these product are highly versatile (as you can see from my natural vs glam looks above using the same products!) They are a tad pricier than most drugstore brands, but SO much cheaper than most high-end brands, and with the same high quality! I am super impressed with the formulas and I honestly can’t wait to try out more from Mary Kay. Besides more shades, I also want to try out some foundation and concealer soon, and maybe some skincare. Have you ever tried any Mary Kay products before? If you’re thinking about it, then Monica is happy to chat with you to answer any questions, help you find your colors, or to talk about skincare and other products! Visit Monica’s Mary Kay page right here. If you have tried some of the products, comment below with your thoughts!

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  • Ann Rogers

    I’m just wondering, how about the Mary Kay skincare line, do you use that or have you used that? I love the Mary Kay make-up, but I really love the skin care products. How about primers, do you use them as well? I love that you love Mary Kay because after using all the expensive department store brands, I still feel that Mary Kay is the best out there and worry at times that people don’t appreciate the benefits of using the whole product line. (I appreciate your perspective, too – you are presenting make-up because that is your first love! Your skin looks flawless so you obviously take good care of it – or have been tremendously blessed!) Full disclosure, I am a Mary Kay consultant – but I bet you could tell that!

  • Ruth

    I’m impressed with how you described the intensity mascara. I have real trouble with mascara but thin lashes 🙂 😀

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